Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BFI: Abolitionists of C-Clamp Websites

You'd have to really dig to find out that Big Fat Institute is actually located in sunny Kentucky, which is probably a wise secret to keep, but these guys do a ton of things right. They coined the term "C-clamp" websites; C-clamp sites being those generic, two-column, way-to-pervasive sites that are locked in that all-to-familiar header, left nav, footer layout, which resemble a 'C', hence "C-clamp". The term not only captures the visual semblance, but also the utilitarian aspect - utilitarian, but no value added.

Question from audience: Isn't this a C-clamp site?
Answer: No. no. This is a C-clamp blog. Check out the site if you're looking for user experience.

The site itself plays out like a 50s instructional video, which is pretty well done, but also reminiscent of WDDG's site that uses a WWII-themed instructional video. Anywho, these guys currently hold the campaign for iRobot and a couple other national brands and are definitely doing justice by their clientele. More importantly, they're killing the enduring C-clamp sites one at a time.

"So you're in Kentucky?"

"Yeah! Have you heard about the burgeoning creative towns coming out of KY?"


"Hmm. me either."

* not an actual conversation. just assuming how each client meeting must start out.


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