Sunday, April 15, 2007

W+K Improves - Other Ad Agencies Still Lacking

This month Wieden + Kennedy, who have an obscene amount of hot shit clientele ranging from ESPN to Nike to Starbucks to Coke launched a redesigned Flash-based site. Don't ask me how to navigate it, because I still haven't quite figured out how to winnow down to view a particular project summary. The site is a sharp improvement on the user experience from their old site, and also reminds me how I continually disappointed I am in other large ad firms for their lack of sharp, internal advertising in their own websites. Companies like McKinney Silver (currently hold Sony and Audi's accounts), Razorfish (Disney, Carnival, Mercedes), Mullen (Wachovia, Monster, XM), Arnold (ESPN, McDonald's), Crispin Porter + Bogusky (VW, Burger King, Miller Lite), and many others lack the minimum flair required of wait staff and ad agency websites.

This isn't at all meant to be a critique against the talent at those agencies, because they definitely have talented folks if you look at their work. Ostensibly, the problem stems from the directors not allocating human resources to the development of these sites. Most of these firms have upwards of 100 creatives (at least) on staff, so why aren't they being allocated to redesign the sites? The work for their clients inspires a lot of us who operate in our smaller shops. I'm sure their current and potential clients want to be inspired too. Who wants to fork over a multi-million dollar advertising budget for interactive marketing to someone who hasn't created their own online presence to be an engaging piece? Apparently, lots because it's not like any of the aforementioned are struggling. All the same... McKinney Silver, Mullen, Razorfish, Arnold - you're on notice.


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