Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Look: Adobe CS3

Having been an early adopter of Apple's Intel (mostly because my PPC Apple burned its processor), I've been eager for Adobe's Creative Suite release, if for no other reason than the applications I use most would run natively. I downloaded the Photoshop CS3 Beta in the winter and have had time to put it to use and the performance on Mactels is great. And with the full suite up and running, everything is much faster - although oddly the start-up screens take a while to kick in. Oh and if you downloaded the Photoshop CS3 Beta, it's presence caused problems with the install of the full suite (solution to uninstall the Photoshop CS3 Beta after the jump).

The major breakthroughs on this release, and there aren't as many as you'd think, are the ability to import layers directly from Photoshop and Illustrator directly into Flash and Dreamweaver (works reasonably well too) and Flash's addition of converting "hand"-tweened animation into code blocks. I'll get a tutorial up on that this week, but the long short is this: you can highlight the animation from a layer that has multiple keypoints and effects/transitions at those keypoints. Control + click and you'll see an option to Copy to ActionScript 3.0 and voila you now have a code block to paste into the Action window that mirrors the effects that were developed by hand. This is absolutely sweet on team projects, where the mean comfort level of ActionScript may not be that high.

Installing Problematic CS3
I was surprised to find out after calling Adobe technical support literally hours after CS3 was released they were already getting a barrage of complaints because the software wasn't installing over the Photoshop CS3 beta properly. So here's what they told me and I can confirm works...

You *should NOT* drag the beta into the trash the way Mac users have been accustomed to for years. Inside of your utilities folder, you should have an Adobe Installers folder. Run the CS3 Beta Installer and have it uninstall Photoshop. If like me you found this out AFTER dragging the app to the trash and deleting you need to delete the following files by hand, after which, you'll be ready to install Creative Suite.

* Users/[User Name]/Library/Preferences [any files and folders with CS3 in the name]
* Applications/Adobe Bridge CS3
* Applications/Adobe Device Central CS3
* Applications/Adobe Help Viewer 1.1
* Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS3
* Applications/Adobe Stock Photos CS3
* Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers
* Library/Application Support/Adobe [any files and folders with CS3 in the name]
* Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PCD
* Library/Application Support/Adobe/backup/
* Library/Application Support/Adobe/caps
* Library/Application Support/Adobe/Installers
* Library/Application Support/Adobe/Uninstall
* Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/


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