Thursday, May 15, 2008

As Seen on TV (although I defy you to find it)

Having shot and edited a handful of self-promo reels for Fuszion I had a really unique opportunity to shoot this commercial for work. As it was being deployed on a relatively inexpensive horse television show, we were able to test the efficacy of on-air tv spots without the huge initial capital required for a proper shoot. I flew down with my HVX camcorder and a couple of staff and we shot the spot in the morning light and actually managed to edit the footage on the plane ride back. Fourty-eight hours out of the office and back with a completed edited track, not too shabby. Although, the Glidecam idea didn't really work out. An eight pound camera is just too meaty to counterbalance, not to mention hold at arm's length away from your body.